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liber bestiarum [ other than human ]

I'm not a wildlife photographer, I've never spent days hidden in a bush with bulky long focal-length lenses waiting and hoping for good pictures of a roaring tiger or sitting on the lookout for dinosaurs love parade

While searching pictures saved on hard drives, I recently noticed with surprise that I had kept some for  years -  that I'd totally forgotten - a lot of images show creatures like birds, cats, dogs, horses, insects, etc...

These creatures are also sharing our world, bestiæ that we can encounter everywhere, are living amongst us : sometimes we like them, sometimes we're not aware of their presence, sometimes we're afraid by them and sometimes we do not appreciate them at all, like mosquitoes, to mention but one.

I've met dogs, cats, birds,  creatures with whom I've tried to develop a special contact for easy and privileged communication, speaking with them trying to use a language that they could understand : some of them appreciate, some ran away barking, croaking, yelping, some would stay sitting and glance with curiosity at the photographer. 

Liber bestiarum showcases pictures of animals captured in moments of proximity and intimacy.

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